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Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines Diocese of Phoenix

All subjects follow  Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines, which in turn corresponds to Arizona State Standards. Also, the curriculum corresponds to our Student Learner Expectations which were outlined in our Accreditation.  These are color coded in the Homework Section.

Mission Statement for Catholic Schools
Diocese of Phoenix

     The Diocese of Phoenix engages in the faith formation of the young through Catholic schools by integrating faith throughout an educational process that promotes academic excellence, moral values and lifelong service.

Philosophy of Catholic Schools
Diocese of Phoenix

     Because our children are our hope and our joy, the future of the Church and society, the Church joins with parents, the primary educators, in placing the child at the center of the educational process, which promotes academic excellence and moral values, and fosters lifelong service.
     Because each child needs the values and traditions of the community, the school will impart an understanding of the Catholic faith, doctrine and moral perspectives, afford participation in a worshiping faith community, and foster the responsibility for service.
     Because each child is part of the Church and society beyond the school and home, the school will support and foster participation in the parish, the Diocese and the larger world community.
     Because each child needs examples, in the school and in the home, teachers and parents must model their faith.
     Because each child must be able to make informed decisions and to live according to Christian principles, the school must encourage self-discipline, self-respect and respect for others, and growth in learning to deal with issues in a real world.
     Because each child needs a strong and caring environment for learning, the school, like the home, must be supportive yet not smothering, loving yet disciplined, encouraging yet challenging.
     Because each child needs knowledge and skills for today's and tomorrow's world, the school will provide opportunity and high expectations for learning and will develop the potential of each child spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Pope John XXIII Mission Statement
      Pope John XXIII Catholic School Community is a partnership of parents, students, staff and parish communities that nurtures the growth of the whole child in a Catholic faith-based education through a challenging academic environment.
     In this Christ-centered atmosphere, the unique qualities of each student are recognized, and children are encouraged to be life-long learners, and are taught to be active Christian leaders throughout their lives.

We know parents are the first and most important teachers and we are the facilitators of their childís learning.
     We seek the active participation of parents to assist us in the student learning process.
     We model and teach with parents that our Catholic faith is a way of life.
     We support Pope John XXIII Catholic School Community in its effort to provide a safe learning environment.
     We recognize that every student has gifts and talents to be shared through a Christian life of faith and service.
     We teach students to recognize their abilities and accept their differences with respect for each other.
     We use teaching strategies that foster creativity, divergent thinking and problem solving skills.
     We model and teach Gospel values and self-discipline.
     We ensure every student the opportunity to practice a spirit of understanding, peace, social justice and compassion to become examples of Christ in a global community.
     We lay the foundation for our studentsí participation in an increasingly technological society.
     We prepare students to be life-long learners and encourage them to develop to their fullest potential.
     We commit ourselves to grow professionally as a staff and as individuals to serve the needs of our students.

State of Arizona (Department of Education)
State of Arizona Content Standards
To assist the educational community and the public by developing rigorous academic content standards and providing valid, reliable student assessments aligned to the standards.

Standards and Assessment (S&A) provides for the development of Arizona academic content standards that describe what students need to know and be able to do, articulated by grade level. S&A also provides for the procurement and administration of a nationally standardized, norm-referenced achievement test and the development and administration of standards-based test (AIMS) to measure student achievement of the Arizona academic content standards.