Week 25
*Note schedule subject to change :

Week 25
Feb 6-10


Monday Feb 6

Tuesday Feb 7

Wednesday Feb 8


Thursday Feb 9

Friday  Feb 10

7th Grade Science

Planet Challenge
Finish Student Reflections Work on Video/Digital Portfolio and turn in Student Reflections
Planet Challenge. Those that are finished may help other groups edit and complete their sections. Planet Challenge Planet Challenge 6.1 Energy in Earth's Atomosphere. HW: Energy in Earth's Atmosphere

8th Grade Science

Ecybermission Work TIme. and Review Unit 8 Test Ecybermission Work Time.

Motion Forces Book

9.1 Describing and Mesuring Motion HW: pg. 15  1.1 Sec. Review

Frames of Reference.

Fred Astaire


how it was done?


How to:

Oh what a feeing...


Frame of Reference and relativity


Optical illusions


 9.2 Plate Tectonics Speed of movement. HW: Plate movement.

Morning Work

Math - MW

Science - MW



Chapter 20
Read and Discuss

Handout. pgs.
Due Friday.
Chapter 20
Read and Discuss
Handout pgs. Due Friday
Mass Chapter 20
Read and Discuss/Rosary or adoration
Chapter 20
Test (Not open book)


Spanish PE Mass/Spanish Spanish PE