Week 24
*Note schedule subject to change :

Week 24
Jan 30-Feb 3

Catholic Schools Week 

Monday Jan 30

Tuesday Feb 1

Wednesday Feb 2

Thursday Feb 3



7th Grade Science

Disney Planet Challenge

Put together elements that your groups have been creating, and add it to the digital portfolio.
Chapter 1 Test Our Atmosphere. Planet Challenge Record Podcasts.  When finished, start editing video elements. 6.1 Energy in Earth's Atomosphere. HW: Energy in Earth's Atmosphere Planet Challenge. Record podcasts and edit video element. Make sure finished videos are given to Dr. Ochsner to include in 8th graders segments.

8th Grade Science

8.3 Polymers and Composition HW: 8.3


8.4 Life with Carbons HW: 8.4 Section Review e-cybermission Review for Science Test Science Test on Monday. E-cybermission work time. Only a few more weeks to go.

Morning Work

Math MW

Science MW



Ch. 19.1-2 Vocations Talk with Fr.
Ch. 19.3-4
Mass Adoration Test Ch. 19.


Spanish PE Mass/Spanish Spanish PE