Week 22

*Note schedule subject to change

Week 22

Jan 16-20

Monday Jan 16
MLK Day- No School

Tuesday Jan 17

Wednesday Jan 18

Thursday Jan 19

Friday  - Jan 20

7th Grade Science


Planet Challenge
Finish up your scripts on cycles and pictures of cycles.  Be prepared to record your scripts by Friday or Monday.
Planet Challenge. 1.3 Layers of the Atmosphere. TSMTIE HW: 1.3 Making a Barometer-
Create a barometer from a rubber balloon, glass, straw and cardboard strip.

Extra Time: Planet Challenge

8th Grade Science


Ch.  7 Acids Bases Test - Bring Book e-cybermission Work Time.  e-cybermission tiime.
lab report on litmus paper.  Due tomorrow.
Ex. http://water.me.vccs.edu/reports.htm

Due Monday. This is a quiz grade.

e-cybermission tiime.
8.1 Properties of Carbon. HW: 8.1 Handout.



Science- MW
Due Wed..


Math - MW




Ch. 13-15 Review Study for Test. Capital Sins/Cardinal Virtues Mass Rosary in Chapel. Ch. 13-15 Test.


  PE Mass/ Spanish Spanish PE