Week 21
*Note schedule subject to change

Week 21

Jan 9-13

Monday Jan 9

Tuesday Jan 10

Wednesday Jan 11

Thursday Jan 12

Friday  - Jan 13

No School Today or Monday MLK

7th Grade Science

Disney Planet Earth Project
You will be building a website that explains the project. Each group will get3 a section.


Trade in Books for Weather and Climate.
Ch. 5 The Atmosphere: The Air Around You. HW: Section 1 Assessment.
Planet Challenge
Finish up your scripts on cycles and pictures of cycles.  Be prepared to record your scripts by Friday or Monday.
Weather 1.2 Air Pressure  HW: Air Pressure Handout. No School

8th Grade Science

Work on Acids.Bases

HW: Take strips of Litmus Paper and test it on various products in your home. Write a lab report using the Scientific method



7.4 Acids and Bases in Solution

HW: 7.4 Handout.

Work on e-cybermission. How to organize and work on project. 7.5 Digestion and pH.
HW: 7.5 Sec Review.

Test on Tuesday.
No School

Morning Work




Vocations talk with Fr. Pete Ch. 14.3-4



Ch. 15.1-2


PE Spanish Mass/Spanish PE Spanish