Week 19
*Note schedule subject to change
Note: Keep all returned assignments until the end of the quarter for study, review, and verification of completion.

** Missing Assignments are due ASAP ,minus late points (10% each day late).

Week 19

Dec. 12-16

Monday Dec. 12

Midterm Week

7-8 LA Midterm

Tuesday Dec. 13


7-8 Science Midterm

Wednesday Dec. 14

Religion Final

Thursday Dec. 15

7-8 Math/SS Midterm

Friday  - Dec. 16
1/2 day Christmas Projects.

2nd Quarter Ends

7th Grade Science

Midterm Study

Midterm Science 7B
Midterm Science 7A
4.3 Lives of Stars...Black Holes

4.3 Lives of Stars and God.

Christmas Activity

8th Grade Science

Midterm Study 8B Science Midterm 8B
8A Science
Religion Midterm - Work on
Christmas Activities

Morning Work



Science     Christmas Activity


Service Journals Due
Juan Diego A.ssembly
Midterm. Mass Midterm

Christmas Activity

Reading of Christmas Nativity in Bible:


PE Mass Spanish Final 8B PE