Week 18

*Note schedule subject to change
Note: Keep all returned assignments until the end of the quarter for study, review, and verification of completion.

** Missing Assignments are due ASAP ,minus late points (10% each day late).

Week 18

Dec. 5-9

Monday Dec. 5

Fiestabowl/ Aerospace Competition 7-5:00. Should be back 4:45-5:00 depending on the awards.

Tuesday Dec. 6


Wednesday Dec. 7

Pep Rally 12:30


Thursday Dec. 8


Friday  - Dec. 9

Noon Dismissal


7th Grade Science

Meet at ASU West for the Aerospace Challenge.
Meet at Pope John 7:00am leave for ASU West 7:15. Arrive ASU 7:45
Set up
Present 8:00-3:30
Awards 3:30-4:00
Leave 4:00
Back at Pope John 4:30.

Debrief on the Aerospace Challenge

Reflection on Aerospace.



Review for Midterm

Use Power Zone Midterm Study Game
Review for Midterm Next Tuesday
Use Power Study Midterm Game
Study for Midterm Next Tuesday

8th Grade Science

Work on e-cybermission and study for midterm.

Chapters 1-6 By looking at the practice tests in the book.


Keyterm Bingo



Review for Midterm...Use Power Zone Study Midterm Game

Study for Midterm. Use Power Zone Study Midterm Game.







Math Review
Due: Next Monday

Science Review    



Watch Nativity Take Notes Watch Nativity Take Notes Watch Nativity takes Notes - Flex

.8th grade buddy project from 8:15 - 8:45
Mass 10:00 AM Create a Midterm study guide.
Service Journals aredue.


Spanish PE Mass Spanish PE