Week 15
*Note schedule subject to change
Note: Keep all returned assignments until the end of the quarter for study, review, and verification of completion.

** Missing Assignments are due ASAP ,minus late points (10% each day late).

Week 15
Nov. 14-18


Monday Nov. 14

Tuesday Nov. 15

Wednesday Nov. 16

Thursday Nov. 17

Friday  - Nov. 18

7th Grade Science

Space Telescopes:
Notebook: Space Telescopes.
HW: 4.1 pg.  all.

Hubble Telescope

Hubble 2

Hubble 3


Hubble 5

Wed. Bring in a board. Preferrably 20"x20"
Lab: Using a spectrometer
Burning different chemicals.
Inro on Spectrometers

HW: Telescope handout.

Work on Aerospace Project.
You will need to make sure that all of your sections are completed.   Make sure your scale drawings are completed.

4.2 Characteristics of Stars
HW:  4.2 Review
4.3 Lives of Stars pg. 136-140  HW: 140 Q1-3 all

8th Grade Science

   e-cybermission  Look at the scientific method. Planning an experiment.

 HW: 6.2 Review handout.
More Balancing Equations. In Groups of 2. Handout.

Figuring out our lab with  Elephant Toothpaste, 

6.2.3 Calculating out.

 Bicarbonate soda and vinegar.


Genie in bottle



Math Review

Science MW  




Ch. 12 Oresebtatuib, Ch. 12 Presentation/ Ch. 16 Draw Puzzles K1-K3 Buddies. Thanksgiving Puzzles Ch. 16 Presentation Finish.


Spanish PE Spanish Spanish PE