Classroom Grading Policies: 2009_2010

Classroom Grading Procedures for Room 7A/7B and 8A/8B 2009-2010
(Procedures help the student to do their work with less confusion and thus help him/her to succeed.)


Note: All procedures will be explained, modeled, and rehearsed the first few weeks of school.
(Subject to change as needed)  



1. Heading on a paper:

- Top Left corner:  Line 1: Number, Full Name
                                Line 2: Date
                                Line 3: Subject Name/ Grade (ex.8A)
                                Line 4: Assignment Name (Page number etc.)

2. Homework papers:

- Written neatly in cursive printed in pencil or typed . You may type assignments not on a worksheet. (Proper  format should be used for cursive, print, or type!) 
- Use loose leaf ruled paper for all assignments and graph paper for math

3. Formal papers or projects:

- Written neatly in cursive in black ink or typed. Font: Times New Roman, size: 12point, Black Ink
- Typed projects will be specified and must have proper document name and email subject line.

4. Posting of class and homework assignments:

- All daily and weekly assignments will be posted in a designated classroom area and may be accessed through the web , , or .

5. Homework assignments:

- Are due at the beginning of the day on the date specified. 

6. Incomplete assignments:

- Points will be deducted and excessive incomplete work will affect also your behavior grade. Responsible Citizen 

7. LATE assignments:

- 1st Quarter - 50%
- 2nd Quarter -50%
- 3rd Quarter - 50%
- 4th Quarter - 50%

After 10 days a "0" will be entered in the grade book. Responsible Citizen 

**No Name Papers are considered late papers.

8. Missing assignments = Late Assignments:

- The grade box will remain "empty" until the work is completed. (See Late assignments above)
- Missing assignment notices will be sent home every Tuesday. Parents can check for missing work through ed-line.

9. Make-up assignments:
(For excused absence only on the day assignment was given).

- Will be given full credit if turned in on time.
- The student will receive as many days as he/she was absent to make up work. (Absent work will become late work if not completed in a timely manner.) 

10. Returning graded work:

- Papers will be returned to the student.  The teacher may keep some informal and formal student tests/assignments.

11. All papers (homework, tests, quizzes, projects, etc.) and class participation (effort, conduct, and PROOF):

- Will be graded using a point system on “Electronic Grade book”. Grading scale is in Student Handbook.

12. Accessing grades:

- You may view your grades online through Pope John's online grading system.  Any questions please see me. 

13. Extra Credit:

- There is no need for extra credit if you turn in your work on time and completed to the best of your ability. The teacher may give extra points for work exceedingly well done or at their own discretion. Do not ask for extra credit.

14. Midterm/Final Midterms are given in December  and Finals are given in May.  They are worth 10% of the grade.