Procedures - 2009_2010

 1. Upon arrival to  class 7:45:

- Bring all books and materials required for learning activities. Put empty book bag into locker.

 2. Entering classroom:

- Walk in quietly, get books you need for the morning and take your assigned seat. Have a copy of the class schedule in your binder to help get organized. If there are changes in the schedule they will be posted.

 3. Before 8:00 bell rings:

- Take out homework assignments and place them in designated baskets. Sharpen your pencils. Copy Assignments into your calendar and  work on morning work assignment. It will either be written on the front board or a worksheet on your desk. Morning work will be collected the next day or on specified due date.

 4. When Bell rings:  (at 8:00 am) 

- Stand for prayers.

 5. Late arrival (after bell):

- If you walk in after the bell rings, you will give me your tardy slip and get out your homework. You may not sharpen pencils at this time.  Take your seat and get started on the morning work assignment or proceed to “specials” class.

 6. After  prayer, pledge, and during announcements, roll call, etc….

- After saying prayers and the pledge, students will work quietly on their morning work. There will also be time after lunch to work on morning work. 

 7. Questions before or after the class period or during a test:

- Before school, lunch, or after school… See me before school (7:00 – 7:50), during lunch (11:30 - 11:50),  or after school (3:00 – 3:15) to get extra help. Sign up on the board in the front of the classroom.
- During a test
… Raise your hand. I will come to you or call you to my desk.

 8. Questions during class lecture:

- Please raise your hand quietly and wait to be called on or write your question down and wait till the lesson is completed.

 9. Restroom use:

- Use during class time is highly discouraged as students miss information....however if it is an emergency.....
- Please raise your hand quietly with the peace symbol.  When I acknowledge your request, I will either nod that it’s okay to go or shake my head (No). Only one person may be out at a time. 
- In general the bathroom should be used before you get to school, lunch recess, and after school.

10. Drinks during class

- Only one person at a time may be up and only during work time.  You don’t have to say a word as long as the privilege is not abused. No water bottles, please.

11. Sharpening a pencil during a lecture:

- You need to have at least 3 sharp pencils for class. This takes care of dull or broken pencils. During work time a pencil may be sharpened. (Mechanical pencils are permitted. They need to be filled at home. Have a regular pencil as well incase you run out of lead.)
Responsible Citizen

12.  Teacher needs the class’ attention:

- When the teacher has their hand raised they are asking for silence and your attention.
*Place eyes on teacher                  *Stop talking
*Sit up straight                              *Be listening 

13. Fire alarm sounds:
(May be monthly)

- Follow procedures and exit room through south door.  Strict silence is required. Stand up, leave all materials, Walk down the stairs and between the playground and the multipurpose building, then walk to the field. There is no talking during the entire fire drill or other school safety drill. 

14. Work completed:

- Your activity options include: finishing morning work, studying, or reading a book. Center activities may be available if all other work is completed.

15. Weekly helper.

- Weekly helpers will be chosen with the "God Cards".  The helper’s name will always be posted. Leadership

16. Weekly helpers include:

  1. The Prayer Leader - leads daily prayer and the pledge.

  2. The Lunch/ Line Leaders - lead the class to “specials” , help get the milk/hot lunch, and clean the lunch tables.

  3. The Secretary - answers the telephone, takes "morning information" to office, and runs errands.

17. Passing in papers:

- Papers must be turned in before you leave for “specials”, to be considered on time. If you are late, turn work in before you go to your specials. (See grading for deductions on late work.) 
- Look in your assignment book for due dates.

18. Collecting assignments:

- Teacher will collect English and math homework in class. Late and absent work must be put in the appropriately labeled boxes.

19. Passing back assignments:

- Work is returned in the black rolling crate.
- You may collect your work at the end of the day. (Remember to keep all of your papers in a file at home for at least each grading period. This way you can double-check your work against the computer.)

20. Lining up:

- Students will quietly line up facing South door (except for lunch - line up outside leaving through North door).  When everyone is quiet we will proceed. After lunch you will line up downstairs in a designated area and wait till the teacher arrives.

21.Going home early:

- You must have a note, signed by a parent to give to the teacher. In order to get any work you will miss, the teacher must be informed before school starts or (better yet) the day before you leave early. No extensions are given for work due dates. All work due that day must be turned in before you leave. Effective Communicator

*Late work - Work is late if it is not handed in on the due date. If you are out of town on the due date, hand it in before you leave or the day you get back. 

22. End of the day:

-The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell. Prayer leader will lead prayers. When the class is quite you will be dismissed to go to your locker and proceed home. (If you have activities after school, make every effort to start after 3:00, not before.) Leadership

23.  Early dismissal for a student:

- You must have a permission note, signed by parent(s), to give to the teacher.  The teacher will send the note to the office. Effective Communicator

24.  Known in advance absent:

- Please let me know ASAP if you will be missing several days of class. I will try to give you any assignments already prepared. Please look on my homepage for assignments already posted and come with a list of what you need. One day’s notice is not enough time. (A week would be helpful.) Responsible Citizen and Effective Communicator

25. Excused absence (sick):

- Make an appointment with me, the day you return, to get any assignments you missed. Check the calendar beforehand for information as well. Copies of all worksheets are on Ed-Line. Click on Mrs. Medhus worksheets  Problem Solver

26. Computer lab:

- You must to follow the rules of the lab.  You will also have an educational purpose for being there.  You must remain on the subject we are studying.  You should never go to sites that are not related to the material at hand.  You will NEVER BE ALLOWED to just “SURF THE NET”. Responsible Citizen

27.  Students sent to the library:

- Students will always have an educational research purpose for being in the library and will give the librarian a note stating this purpose.
- The library is open during lunchtime for individual research and reading, but not for homework!
Effective Communicator

28. Working in cooperative groups:

- Each person in the group will be assigned a responsibility; however, it is also imperative that individuals work together in a cooperative manner in order to solve problems and complete assignments.  We will go over noise level requirements when having group work. Leadership

29.  Visitors or speakers:

- We will give him/her our undivided attention and the utmost respect. Courtesy and Respect

30. Talking during or Cheating/ Copying on a test/quiz:

- Students talking during a quiz/test will be warned and appropriate action taken by the teacher. Points will be deducted from the tests if behavior persists. Students should raise their hand and refer any  questions to the teacher. Problem Solver
- Students caught cheating/ copying on any assignment will be be given an incident referral slip and other appropriate consequences administered. Upon second incidence, students will be referred to the school administration, PROOF will be given, and receive a zero for a score.

31. Assignments headings:

- You must write your classroom number and full name, date, subject, and correct assignment name in the top right hand corner of  lined or graph paper. On worksheets, your number, full name and date are sufficient.  Failure to include any part of the heading will result in loss of points from assignment.  

32.  Teacher out of the classroom:

- You may not enter the classroom or ask Mr. Ochsner for permission to enter our room when I am not present. If I must leave the room for a moment, all students must remain seated and quite. Responsible Citizen

33.  Courtesy and respect:

- Everyone needs to remember to say “please” and “thank you” during the day and use a person’s name when you address them. This will promote a respectful environment. Courtesy and Respect

34. Lockers:

- All books and supplies, needed for the morning or afternoon, must be brought into the classroom and placed under your desk. 
 - You will not be allowed to go to your locker once class has begun.
- No stickers may be placed in or on your lockers. Magnets are allowed.
- No Food should be kept in the locker. 
- Do not share your combination with anyone.
- You are responsible for items left in the locker.
- For specific information on lockers, see the handbook.                                        
- All backpacks need to be placed in your locker. PE clothes will be placed in your locker after you change.
Responsible Citizen 

35. Lunch:

- We have first lunch.  11:10-11:50.  We will line up quietly.  Lunches are to be kept in the cupboard.  After Lunch, line up downstairs in our designated area on time. You are to be respectful of the lunchroom helpers, stay seated until dismissed, use a quiet tone of voice, and be kind to others. Leadership

36.  Classroom Maintenance:

- The class is not dismissed until everything left on the floor is picked up daily. 
 - Backpacks, necessary homework items, and lunchboxes should be taken home every day. Lunchboxes left after class will be put in the lost and found.
 - Band instruments may be left in the classroom, but need to be taken home at day's end, so you can practice. :) 
Responsible Citizen 


Note: All procedures will be explained, modeled, and rehearsed the first few weeks of school.