8th Grade Science- Physical Science

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8th Grade Sci.
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Research Your Script Writing Storyboard your Script and plan shots

Different Types of Shots

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Film your Script/Storyboard
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Tools of Measurement General Properties of Matter Physical & Chemical Changes
Comic Book Periodic Chart
Periodic Chart
Periodic Chart Game
Element Hangman
Element Crossword
Mixtures, Elements, Compounds Atoms: Building Blocks of Matter Classification of Elements: Periodic Table
Atoms & Bonding Chemical ReactionsFamilies of Chemical Compounds
Petrochemical Technology Radioactive ElementsWhat is Motion
Nature of ForcesForces in Fluids Work, Power & Simple Machines
Energy: Forms & ChangesWhat is Heat Uses of Heat
ELectric Charges & Currents MagnetismElectromagnetism
Electronics & ComputersCharacteristics of WavesSound & Its Uses
Kitchen Science
Crossword Puzzle Game Maker


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