Week 37 *Note schedule subject to change :

Week 37

Monday – May 20


Tuesday –May 21

Wednesday – May 22


Thursday May 23


Friday  May 24
Last Day of Classes. Bacalaureate Mass Next Tuesday 28th

Next Wed 29th Commencement in Mailliard Hall (Gymnasium)

7th Grade Science

14.1 Mapping Earth
lattitude/longitude practice
HW: 14.1 Schoology
15.1 Fossils HW 15.1 Schoology 15.2 Geologic Time Scale 15.2 Schoology 15.3 Eras of Earth History HW: 15.3 Schoology Walking with Dinosaurs Video

8th Grade Science

Science Final Review Science Final 12:35-1:20
  Study for Lit Final  
Tech Class 7th Grade REAL project. Look up a Science topic Present in class.   Check iPads Clear iPads and Turn in.Then goto practice.


8 Morning Prayer

Vocation's Day
HW: Study for Religion Final
Review Religion Final or Take Science Post Test 8B Mass-
Religion Final 9:30-10:15
  No 8th Courtyard Prayer