Week 28
*Note schedule subject to change :

Week 28
March 11-18

Monday – March 11

No School- Curriculum Day

Tuesday – March 12

Wednesday –March 13

Thursday March14


Friday   March 15

7th Grade Science

  8.3.2 Long Term Changes in Climate Rd.  Finish HW: 8.3 Schoology
Ice Age
Sun Spot

8.4 Global changes in atmosphere

El Nino
La Nina
global warming
greenhouse gas
Study for Ch. 8 Test
Ch. 8 Key Term Quiz
Ch. 8 Test

8th Grade Science

  8th Grade DC

Movie Making Day.
10.2 Friction and Gravity
HW: 10.2 Section Review
static friction
sliding friction
Rolling friction
fluid friction
free fall
air resistance
terminal velocity
projectile motion

10.3 Newtons First and Second Law
HW: Sec Rev. 10.3

Newtons' first law
determing acceleration
second law of motion
changes in force and massDropping Free fall- Try to save your parachute jumper using any home means.
Work on Simulations in Class: you will need head sets.

Answer questions.
Review for Test on Thursday...

If Time

Tech Class

  PJN - Saint Video (Research a saint. Create Video.) keyterm animation/ Schoology video PJN (Write Saint Script.)  


  Video Project Mass Adoration
Ch. 18 Test