Week 27 *Note schedule subject to change :

Week 27
March 4-8


Monday March 4


Tuesday March 5

Wednesday March 6


Thursday March 7


Friday  March 8

No School

7th Grade Science

Finish Climates 8.2 HW: 8.2 Cool Climate Graph Lab.pg. 128-129

Cool Climate Graph Lab 8.3.1 Long Term Changes in Climate Rd.  Schoology
Ice Age
Sun Spot

8th Grade Science

E-cybermission submission time. Ch. 9 Review Ch. 9 Test Unit 10.1 The Nature of Force
HW: Ch.10.1 Schoology
Net Force
Unbalanced forces
balanced forces
DC Trip

Tech Time

Complete Keyterm animation PJN-podcast finish keyterm animation. Create list PJN


Ch. 18.1-18.2 The Lay Apostolate Ch. 18.3-18.4 The Lay Apostolate Mass Ch. 18 Test.