Week 23
*Note schedule subject to change :

Week 23

Feb 4-8


Monday Feb 4


Tuesday Feb 5


Wednesday Feb 6

Thursday Feb 7


Friday  - Feb 8

7th Grade Science

Last Minute Preparations for Aerospace Project.

Meet at ASU Polytechnic Campus for Aerospace Project. Fiestabowl/Aerospace Reflection.  Write a reflection on what you learned and your experiences for the competition.  How can you improve the experience. How did your team work together. What did you do? Do you think you worked to your potential?. Did others? 6.5 Precipitation
HW: Precipitation Handout

Freezing Rain
Measuring Precipitation:
rain gauge

Ch. 6
Test on Wednesday.

How to convert F-C
How to convert C-F

Ch. 6 Review Test on Monday on Ch. 6

8th Grade Science

8.2.1 Carbon Compounds

Turn in Lab Report.
E-Cybermission 8.2.2 Carbon Compounds HW: 8.2 Schoology 8.3 Life with Carbons HW: 8.3 Schoology.
Test on Tuesday.

Tech Class

Do you need Aerospace time? 

PJN- Student Leaders
DC Podcasts
Teach a lesson PJN or
DC Podcasts


Ch. 10.1 Presentation Ch. 10.2  Presentation



Ch. 10.3-10.4 Presentation/ Goto Adoration Pride Day-