Week 22

*Note schedule subject to change

Week 22

Jan 28-Feb.1

Monday Jan 28

Tuesday Jan 29

Wednesday Jan 30

Thursday Jan 31

Friday  - Feb 1

7th Grade Science

 Finish up 6.3 Winds
HW: 6.3  Schoology

What is WInd
Measuring Wind

WInd Chill Factor
Local Winds
Sea Breeze
Land Breeze
Global WInds
Global Convection Currents
The Coriolis Effect
Global Wind Belts
Horse Latitudes
Trade Winds
Prevailing Westerlies
Polar Easterlies
Jet Streams

Work on Aerospace Model 6.4 Water in the atmosphere
HW: 6.4 Schoology
7th Grade Retreat. No Class. Finish  up your Aerospace Projects. Practice Interviews.

Next Week on Tuesday Feb 5 we will be going to ASU Polytechnic campus for Honeywell/Fiestabowl Aerospace Challenge.

8th Grade Science

 7.5 Digestion and pH.
HW: 7.5 Sec Review.

Test on Thursday

litmus paper lab report on   Due Friday.
Ex. How to Write Lab Reports

Lab Report Example
e-cybermission tiime.
Due Monday. This is a quiz grade.

e-cybermission time.
Review for test
Keyterm Quiz
Ch.  7 Acids Bases Test - Bring Book 8.1 Properties of Carbon. HW: 8.1 Schoology.

Tech Time

Work on Aerospace Model

Pope John News Episode 3

Work on Aerospace Model

Pope John News Episode 4  


Chapters 10 12: The Communion of Saints.
HW: Read Ch. 10

Create a presentation of the chapter. we will work this week on it.

Group Work Mass Group Work Group Work.


  PE Mass/ Spanish Spanish PE