Week 14
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Note: Keep all returned assignments until the end of the quarter for study, review, and verification of completion.

** Missing Assignments are due ASAP ,minus late points (10% each day late).

Week 14

Nov. 19-23

Monday Nov. 19


Tuesday Nov. 20

Wednesday Nov. 21


Thursday Nov. 22


Friday  Nov. 23


7th Grade Science

Space Telescopes:
Notebook: Space Telescopes.
HW: 4.1 pg.  all.

Hubble Telescope

Hubble 2

Hubble 3


Hubble 5
Lab: Using a spectrometer
Burning different chemicals.
Inro on Spectrometers

HW: Telescope handout.
Work on Aerospace Project. Group meetings to guide sections. Last Day to work on Reports in class.  Make sure you have all of these sections....

Provide a written description of the following:

Background of Culture Give a description of the countries that are involved in the Lunar Base and to what extent. Include the qualifications of the personnel.

Human Tasks What is the division of labor on the base? What does each member of the crew do?Organization What type of governing body is in place?
How will language barriers be addressed?
Arts and Aesthetic Values
How will art, music, dance, drama or literature be a part of the Lunar Base society?
Medical Care How will the crew of the Lunar Base receive medical care? Have provisions been made for dealing with gravity related health issues? Have contingency plans been made in the event of a medical emergency?
Recreation Two years in space is a long time. Potential psychological problems could result if opportunities for leisure time are not addressed. How will the Lunar Base plans rectify this concern?







8th Grade Science

5.1 Elements and Atoms
5.1 notebookppt
HW: Schoology Quizlet

Quantum Theory

Quantum vs. Classical



5.2 Unit 5.2 Atoms, Bonding and the Periodic Table
where do I belong on periodic table game?
animation of periodic table
Atomic Saloon
E-cybermission Planning time. Create Accounts, start mission.  



Tech Class

7th Grade Finish Recording Podcasts and edit in class

8th Grade: Work on Olweus Videos.

7th Grade Finish Recording Podcasts and edit in class    


Ch.13 Ch. 13.3-4