Week 6
*Note schedule subject to change
Note: Keep all returned assignments until the end of the quarter for study, review, and verification of completion.

** Missing Assignments are due ASAP ,minus late points (10% each day late).

Week 6
Sept. 24-28


Monday Sept.24

Tuesday Sept 25

Wednesday Sept. 26


Thursday Sept. 27


Friday  Sept. 28


ITBS This week: Relax, Sleep Well. Eat a good breakfast and do your best.

7th Grade Science

ITBS Testing

No 7th Grade Science

ITBS Testing

No 7th Grade Science
ITBS Testing
No 7th Grade Science
ITBS Testing
No 7th Grade Science
Honeywell Fiestabowl- Aerospace Challenge
Take Notes and watch the movie: When we left Earth:

The Nasa Missions: Ordinary Supermen

Write a 1 page narrative on what you would have done if you were one of the explorers. Would you have stepped up to be one of them?

8th Grade Science

ITBS Testing
Reading, Vocab,

ITBS Testing

Unit 3.3

Life is like a basketball


3.3 powerpoint


Boyles law video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l630uy4ALFs


Charles law http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkRIKGN3i0k


http://www.marymount.k12.ny.us/marynet/06stwbwrk/06gaslaws.html charles law animation


http://www.chem.iastate.edu/group/Greenbowe/sections/projectfolder/flashfiles/gaslaw/boyles_law_graph.html boyles law animation.

ITBS Testing
Social Studies


ITBS Testing
Written Expression

3.4 Graphing Gas Behavior
Using Google Docs to graph and plot

It's a Gas Lab

HW: Enter in your data into google docs and create a graph and chart.

Advanced Curriculum Gas Lab



Finish up Google Docs Gas Lab.

If extra time...the plasma state

Plasma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKMgRQKqDgA

Microwave plasma


grape plasma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2izfWErXIAI

why it works http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/dec97/882909591.Ph.r.htm


Test next week Tuesday



Chapter 5.1-5.2
Authority in the Church - Hierarchy/Freedom

Not giving up
Read Religion Book Chapter 5
Chapter 5.3-5.4
Authority in the Church
Mass Review Chapter 5 fill in blank and Meditation Prayer. Open book
Chapter 5 Test
Tech Time 8th Grade Only Building and sharing apps. 7B Viewing webquests  8th Grade only Sharing Apps. 7B viewing webquests